Short presentation

iLCD is the name of an algorithm for the detection of communities in networks. iLCD stands for intrinsic, Longitudinal Community Detection.

This algorithm is innovative because it was one of the very first algorithms to be able to detect dynamic communities in temporal network, i.e communities which change in a realistic manner when the network evolves.

In top of that, iLCD can also be used on static networks, works on large networks and can detect overlapping communities.

iLCD is NOT based on the modularity, but, on the contrary, on the idea that communities are defined localy. (intrinsic communities) Several versions of iLCD have been devoloped, the code I give here is the one corresponding to the latest version.

Download iLCD

I provide a zip files which contains both an executable JAR, ready to use, and the source code, that you are free to modify.
A ReadMe file explains how to use them.

The other downloads I provide correspond to :

  • An example of a file in .lnd format
  • An executable Jar file to visualize small temporal networks with communities.

Download Download example .lnd file Download Visualization Tool